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A New Bond is the ninth episode of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.


In her mission to spy on Jaburo, one of the Earth Federation's main strongholds, Reccoa notices some unusual behavior: several transport ships of massive sizes are leaving the base, one after the other. She is held at gunpoint by three soldiers from Jaburo, but is rescued by a man named Kai Shiden, a freelance journalist.

Meanwhile, Kitchman and Kacricon keep steady surveillance of Amman. Apparently, a man named Masada is scheduled to arrive at Granada at any moment. Over there, facing a lack of support from the city's main staff, Jamaican orders that the Sichuan remain at Granada, while the Alexandria and the Bosnia launch: they plan to accept the offer of Anaheim Electronics, at their namesake lunar city, for supplies. Masada finally arrives, and he and Jamaican start to discuss about Kacricon.

Back at the Argama, Kamille is working at the mechanical mascot Haro that he found at the colony ruins, when Emma bursts into his room and violently scolds him for ignoring an assembly call. Kamille insists that he doesn't belong to the military, but she ignores him.

Making their way through the jungle, Kai tells Reccoa that all personnel of Jaburo seems to be moving to a different base, suggesting that Reccoa should try to use their equipment to establish contact with the Argama so that the AEUG can be properly informed of this unexpected turn of events.

At Amman, Quattro is surprised that the AEUG's new ship was built exclusively through the financial help of donations. Wong Lee tells Quattro and Henken that the Earth Federation is underestimating the growth of the AEUG. Emma and Kamille then arrives and, angry at his tardiness, Wong Lee slaps and kicks Kamille, deeming him a spoiled brat. Quattro signals Emma and Henken to not intervene, and an altercation between Wong Lee and Kamille begins, but the latter's attempts to fight back are all proven futile, and he's beaten up even more for refusing to acknowledge that he is in the wrong and apologize.

Kamille wakes up later at the changing room. Quattro arrives right before Emma, and tells him that they have received orders to head for Granada. Kamille snaps once again, saying that they were wrong for just standing there while he got beaten, and Quattro responds by saying that it was about time for the Argama crew to stop being so complacent with his selfish behavior. Kamille still insists that he's not going to participate in the operation, and Emma has to slap him again and lecture him about his arrogance.

At the ship's hangar, Quattro discusses with Apolly and Roberto about their mission: to test their new mobile-suit, the Hyaku Shiki, and to support Granada. They leave Amman, and are spotted by Kacricon: his plan is to wait so that they can attack the undefended Argama with reinforcements from the Alexandria, led by Jerid. Kamille finally takes off, planning to soon catch up with Quattro and the others.

Meanwhile, Jamaican is suspicious about what could be hiding in the depths of the city of Anaheim, where the Alexandria and the Bosnia are finally being replenished with supplies. Jamaican says that Bask Om plans to one day capture this very city. Then, an employee of Anaheim Electronics informs Jamaican that, by the order of the company's chairman, Melanie Hue Carbine, they are to offer their services to the Titans without any charge.

Kamille finally reaches Quattro, irritated by how easy it was for Quattro to predict that he would come, as if he's always testing him. Kacricon starts to ready his unit for their operation on Amman, and is getting impatient with Jerid's lateness. Surprisingly, Granada's forces deliberately provide entrance to the group: they intent to capture one of the Titan's ships that is docked there. Kamille wonders why they couldn't just let Granada's troops deal with this stuation, and Roberto explains to him that the AEUG must show that they are in charge so that they can have proper command of their allies.

A battle ensues and, outside of the Gundam Mk-II, Kamille frozes for a second at the raw reality of a gunfight. Kacricon and Kitchman, meanwhile, finally launch their attack on Amman, sealing off their spaceport's entrance and trapping the Argama inside. Kamille's Newtype powers allows him to sense the situation and he urges Quattro that they should go back to Amman, where Emma is forced to pilot one of their Rick Dias so that they can defend themselves against Kacricon.

Emma and Kacricon do battle, and she ends up nearly killed before being saved at the last second by Kamille. Kacricon is forced to retreat, and Kamille tells Emma that he came back to Amman with Quattro's permission after sensing that she was in peril.

Back at South America, Reccoa and Kai hide in the woods, waiting for a chance to finally infiltrate Jaburo.

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  • Script: Miho Maruo & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Kunihisa Sugishima
  • Animation Director: Kisaraka Yamada