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A Call for Counterattack (反撃の声 Hangeki no Koe?) is the forty-third episode of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (forty-second in the HD Remaster). It first aired in Japan on August 13, 2008, North America on Februrary 1, 2008. The HD Remaster first aired on January 9, 2014.[1]


Destiny and Legend Gundam fight in good coordination, and Kira faces a hard battle. Athrun storms in on Infinite Justice Gundam, and tries to persuade Shinn to stop, telling him that he of all people must not attack Orb. Shinn becomes confused and pounce on Infinite Justice. Athrun’s determination outweighs his injury and he overwhelms Destiny Gundam.

Just then, Djibril launches in a shuttle and heads out of Orb and successfully escapes to the moon. With the fall of the ZAFT’s flagship, Talia takes command of the entire ZAFT fleet and orders a withdrawal. This concludes an utterly fruitless battle between ZAFT and Orb.

The following morning. Cagalli officially returns as the representative of Orb, and she starts to send messages directed to Durandal through the media around the world. But Meer breaks in with her own statement. Durandal secretly smiles watching the broadcast, however, his complexion completely changes as the scene shifts. “Do not be manipulated by her words…” Lacus appears next to Cagalli, and the world is rocked by her words.


Athrun intervenes in the battle between Kira, Shinn, and Rey, which shocks Shinn who believed that he had killed Athrun previously. Athrun demands that Shinn stop attacking Orb and questions the motives of the war. Yuna is crushed by a GOUF Ignited when he tried to escape while Djibril successfully escapes to the Moon aboard an orbital shuttle. With the ZAFT flagship destroyed, Captain Gladys takes command and orders a temporary retreat. After the battle, Cagalli broadcasts a global announcement about the war with Logos but she is interrupted by Meer, who is in turn interrupted by the real Lacus.


  • This episode shows Destiny losing its beam sword for the second time. The first one being episode 37 after Shinn's Gundam destroyed the ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited piloted by Athrun (and Meyrin)

HD Remastered Changes

  • Newly Animated scenes:
    • The Force Impulse/Lunamaria attempts to shoot down the shuttle with Djibril on it.
    • The front view of the Shuttle with additional extra sides and the small silhouette of the Force Impulse being altered to match with the newly animated footage.
  • Timing/Pacing:
    • The shuttle pilot's grunt has been slightly delayed back.