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ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion



Unit Type

Custom Heavy Armor Space Mobile Suit




Model Number
  • ASW-G-11
Namesake Duke of Hell Gusion
Developed into
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Head Height
  • 18 meters
    59.055 ft
    708.661 in
Standard Weight
  • 44.4 metric tons
  • Nano Laminated Armor
  • 4 x Hand Grenade
  • 4 x Buster Anchor
Optional Equipment
  • Submachine Gun
  • Gusion Hammer
  • Gusion Chopper
  • Gusion Axe

The ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion is a mobile suit of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. It is initially piloted by Kudal Cadel and later by Akihiro Altland.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

One of the 72 "Gundam" frames that were produced and used in the Calamity War, roughly 300 years ago. Gundam units like the Gusion are able to achieve a high energy output because they possess two Ahab Reactors.[1] It is this main characteristic that allows the Gusion to be equipped with such heavy, thick and strong armor while still being combat-worthy.[2] However, because it is difficult to keep the two reactors in parallel operation, only a total of 72 Gundam Frames were ever produced.[1]

Although the Gundam Frame is highly versatile and can be used in any environments, the space pirate group, Brewers, customized the Gusion specifically for space use as the group do not intend to operate under gravity.[2] Large propellant tanks are placed within the suit's armor in order to reduce the risk of the Gusion running out of fuel due to its weight. However, its solo flight distance and combat operational time is still considered to be short.[2] Despite this, the Gusion remains a formidable opponent due to its superior armor that can't be dented by anti-aircraft attacks and renders sharp, bladed weapons useless.[2] Its main weapons are a large thruster-equipped hammer and a sub-machine gun.[3]


  • Gusion Hammer
A hammer used by the Gusion that uses its mass in order to deal heavy damage. It weighs in excess of 15 tons, and has four thrusters at the back of the hammer head which help control the weapon's trajectory as well as its impact shock.[2] It is stored on the back when not in use.
  • Submachine Gun
A mobile suit-use submachine gun that is widely circulated, pirates favor the weapon due to its relatively low price.[2] Due to its light weight, it is easy to handle.[2] It is stored on the rear waist armor when not in use.
  • Hand Grenade
Two hand grenades are stored behind each side skirt armor, for a total of four hand grenades. The hand grenades can be released from storage directly to act as space mines, deterring pursuing enemy units.
  • Buster Anchor
The Gusion's chest houses four 400mm Buster Anchors, they are high-caliber cannons used for attacking ships and mobile suits.
  • Gusion Chopper
A short size hatchet-like weapon that increases the mobile suit's power in close combat. There are thrusters on the opposite side of the blade, and they can be activated at the time of impact to deal greater damage.[4]
  • Gusion Axe
A long axe with a hammer at the tip. The hammer is actually a spike ball and is connected to the axe's shaft via retractable chains, hence it can be shot out or used as a morning star. Overall, the gusion axe is a close combat weapon with a long effective range.[4]


The Gundam Gusion was discovered in recent years in a high density debris zone that's very difficult to navigate.[2] It is passed on between different pirate groups that operate in the area until it eventually landed in the hands of the Brewers.[2] Of the 72 Gundam Frames produced, the Gusion is one of the 26 remaining Frames that have survived and are reported to be operational.[2] After the defeat of Kudal Cadel, the machine is seized by Tekkadan, to be piloted by Akihiro.

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Notes & Trivia

  • According to the Ars Goetia, Gusion is the 11th Duke of Hell. This coincides with its designated model number, ASW-G-11, being the 11th Gundam unit.


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