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The AMX-015 Geymalk is a Mobile Suit built by Neo Zeon during the First Neo Zeon War.


A Newtype- and strengthened human-use mobile suit intended for mass production in the last weeks of the First Neo Zeon War, the AMX-015 Geymalk was one of the pinnacles of Neo Zeon's Newtype weaponry development. In terms of firepower alone, the Geymalk was one of the most heavily-armed mobile suits of its time, with over twenty beam weapons mounted on a single, regular-sized mobile suit body. In addition to this high number of weapons, the Geymalk was also equipped with a psycommu system, allowing its Newtype pilot to control its two large "mother" funnels. The mother funnels were actually bits in principle, since they had their own onboard reactor for power and did not need to return to the Geymalk to be recharged. While each mother funnel mounted a mega particle gun, they each also carried 14 "child" funnels, which were normal-style funnels which recharged aboard the mother funnels. With this second tier of remote control, the Geymalk's pilot could conduct all-range attacks at extremely long ranges. The pilot's commands were relayed via a large psycommu control antenna on the Geymalk's head, which relayed the commands to the mother funnels, which in turn relayed the commands to the child funnels. This advanced remote weapon system, combined with the mobile suit's tremendous firepower, made the Geymalk one of the most powerful mobile suits ever conceived at its time. Only one unit is known to have been built, operated by Haman Karn loyalist Chara Soon during the last days of the war when Neo Zeon was being torn apart by internal conflicts. Chara demonstrated the Geymalk's abilities when she almost single-handedly destroyed an entire squadron of powerful, genetically-engineered Ple Two clones operating funnel-equipped AMX-004G Qubeley Mass Production Types.

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