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The AMX-009G Dom III is a Mobile Suit that appears in the Advance of Zeta Re-Boot: Gundam Inle. It is a variant of the AMX-009 Dreissen.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A localized warfare-use, heavy mobile suit meant for the veteran mobile suit pilots. It is the Martian ground combat version of the AMX-009 Dreissen, and like the AMX-011G Zaku III, it specializes in ground combat with the space use equipment removed. Instead of thrusters on both shoulders, it has large boosters for traveling. The hover propulsion unit on either side of its back is the same as those of the AMX-011G Zaku III. The relationship between this mobile suit and the Dreissen is similar to that of the MS-09 Dom and the MS-09R Rick Dom, and if viewed from another viewpoint, the Dreissen is the general purpose form with added space use equipment. The Zeon-Mars, which pride itself on its legitimate Zeon lineage, named the mobile suit as the Dom III (Drei) because it is seen as the followup machine to the Dom series' Rick Dom II (Zwei). Pilots whose previous machine is the Dom, prefer to equip the Dom III with large firearms to replicate the former's combat usage. Following their concealment underground, all the units belonging to the Chester Fleet were repainted in a desert color to achieve a camouflage effect during guerrilla warfare on the surface.


  • 3-barrel Beam Cannon
  • Heat Saber
  • Tri-Blade
  • Beam Bazooka


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