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AMA-002 Neue Ziel
Neue Ziel
Fast Facts
Model Number AMA-002
Unit Type
Prototype space attack use mobile armor
Launched UC 0083
Manufacturer Axis
Operator Delaz Fleet
Known Pilot Anavel Gato
General Characteristics
Overall Height 76.6 meters
Overall Width 73.6 meters
Weight empty 198.2 metric tons; max gross 403.5 metric tons
Power Plant Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 75800 kW
Accommodation Pilot only, in standard cockpit in main body
Armor: Titanium/ceramic composite
  • Mega cannon
  • 9 x mega particle gun, 4 mounted in shoulders and 5 mounted in tail binder
  • 2 x wire-guided heavy claw arm, mounts mega particle gun/beam saber each
  • 4 x hidden sub-arm, mounts beam gun/beam saber each
  • 4 x large missile launcher, 5 round magazine per launcher
  • 2 x 6-tube micromissile launcher, 10 round magazine per tube
  • 12-tube micromissile launcher, 10 round magazine per tube
  • 4 x I-field barrier generators, 2 mounted in shoulders and 2 mounted in tail binder, provides 360 degrees of protection against beam weapons
Special Equipments and Features
  • "Half-control" system, controls wire-guided heavy claw arms for all-range attacks
  • Optional "sturm booster," stores extra propellant and mounts additional thrusters
Optional Equipments


In the fictional Gundam Universe, the AMA-002 Neue Ziel (also called the AMA-X2 or AMX-002 Neue Ziel, but AMX-002 is a number of Gaza-B.) is a Mobile Armor developed by Axis engineers under the direction of Haman Karn. It was shipped out with the Axis Advanced Fleet when it departed for the Earth sphere in unofficial support of Admiral Aiguille Delaz and his fleet during Operation Stardust. When Delaz's right-hand man and One Year War Zeon ace, Lieutenant Commander Anavel Gato, visited the Axis Fleet, the Axis Fleet's Admiral transferred it to Gato as a gesture of goodwill. Gato accepted the MA, and would go on to single-handedly decimate several Earth Federation fleets.

The AMA-002 Neue Ziel was one of the most heavily armed Mobile Armors, equipped with multiple missile launchers, Mega Particle cannons, two detachable claw arms (plus four non-detachable ones), and a set of anti-beam I-field generators. It enabled Gato to clear the path for Operation Stardust in the final stages of heated battle, acing out the Federation's RX-78GP03D Gundam Dendrobium. It, however, sustained heavy damage from the Federation's Solar System II (a superweapon), which Gato had earlier crippled, and was finally destroyed when Gato crashed, kamikaze-style, into one of the Federation's Salamis class cruisers.

Neue Ziel II

The Newtype-use variant of the Neue Ziel. The Neue Ziel II features a normal psycommu system instead of the half-control computer system used by its ancestor. Its claw arms are no longer detachable and feature less weapons, but the funnel psycommu weapon allows it to perform an all-range attack. It was supposedly tested by Char Aznable and painted in red. However, Char eventually leaves Axis and the Neue Ziel II's construction was cancelled.


AMA-002S (AMA-X2S, AMX-002S) Neue Ziel II

Manufacturer: Axis
Operator: Axis
Unit type: trial production Newtype use mobile armor
Overall height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, unknown output rate
Armament: 2 x heavy claw arm, mounts mega particle gun/beam saber each; 2 x 80mm vulcan gun, mounted on main body; 6 x missile launcher, mounted on main body; I-field barrier generator, provides 360 degrees of protection against all beam weapons fire, mounted in main body; funnel

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