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The AMS-119V Panzer Doga (also known as the Geara Tank) is an artillery ground variant of the AMS-119 Geara Doga. The mobile suit appears in the GEARA DOGA Variations series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Like the MS-06V Zaku Tank used by the former Principality of Zeon army, the Panzer Doga features a reused MS torso converted into a new machine.[1] It is armed with a multiple rocket launcher.[1] It was modified to operate in wetlands by the Neo Zeon forces that invaded Earth.[1] It has almost no combat capability and is mainly used for various tasks such as MS recovery.[1] However, due to Neo Zeon's low manpower the Panzer Doga was regarded as a valuable unit and most were equipped with rocket launchers so that they could attack while working on the battlefield.[1]


  • Manipulator
  • 2-tube Smoke Discharger
  • 60-tube Multiple Rocket Launcher

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