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| era =UC
The '''Geara Doga Kai''' is a [[mobile suit]] from the anime movie [[Char's Counterattack]].
The '''Geara Doga Kai''' is a variation of the [[AMS-119 Geara Doga]] [[mobile suit]] from the anime movie [[Char's Counterattack]].
==Combat Abilities==
==Combat Abilities==

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The Geara Doga Kai is a variation of the AMS-119 Geara Doga mobile suit from the anime movie Char's Counterattack.

Combat Abilities

The Geara Doga features a wide variety of weapons to cope with different combat situations. Its only fixed armaments are a beam sword-axe for close combat and an electric wire. It can also be equipped with a shield with four grenade launchers and two different types of beam machine guns, each mounting additional weaponry.


Beam sword-axe

The only close combat weapon of the Geara Doga is a single beam sword-axe, which, when not in use is mounted on an unknown location on the suit's body.


As with most other mobile suits, the Geara Doga mounts a single physical shield on its left forearm. This shield also mounts four grenade launchers, each loaded with a single sturm faust rocket-propelled warhead. This warhead can be fired either from the grenade launcher or from hand.

Beam machine guns

The common ranged weapon of the Geara Doga are two different beam machine guns. Each is powered by a replaceable e-pac, with two additional e-pacs being stored on the hip armor of the suit. While one beam machine gun mounts a heat bayonet, the other can be optionally equipped with a grenade launcher, carrying a single grenade.


While essentially just a normal Geara Doga, its armor was changed to Gundanium Alloy and it was given greater mobility. As such, this unit was used as a command unit.

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