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The AMA-01S Byg-Zamuru is a mobile armor from Advance of Zeta Re-Boot: Gundam Inle.

Design & Development

The successor of the MA-08 Big Zam, the AMA-01S Byg-Zamuru was a mobile armor developed by the Zeon Remnants organization Zeon Mars to assist with Neo Zeon's Earth Descent Operations during the First Neo Zeon War. It is based on the AMA-01X Jamru Fin, which inherited the concept of the Big Zam and redesigned as a small-scale MA in Axis. Zeon Mars pursued its own development of the Jamru Fin and completed it as the Byg-Zamuru. The Byg-Zamuru can also called the completed form of the Jamru Fin. Using feedback data from the MA-05 Bigro, it is fitted with rear large boosters and can assume a high mobility form by retracting the legs. Also, the 20 minute operating limit drawback of the Big Zam was solved, allowing the Byg-Zamuru to operate for a longer period. The concept of equipping multiple large weapons like the Mega Particle Cannon in the main body would be inherited by the OMAX-01 Grand Zam, an MA developed by the Zeon remnants organization Oldsmobile in the far future of Mars. Although the Big Zam was operated by multiple pilots, the Byg-Zamuru was meant to be operated by a single Newtype or Cyber Newtype pilot.



Operational History

The Axis Earth Descent Operation initially aimed to control important facilities on Earth by dropping MS forces from outside the atmosphere. However, since space vessels equipped with Minovsky Craft could directly descend to Earth, the descent MS prepared by Zeon Mars would not be used.




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