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The AGX-11 Over.on is a mobile suit appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis. It is piloted by Mashiro Oaks.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Originally designed by Paptimus Scirocco based on the PMX-003 The-O, the Over.on was developed alongside the PMX-004 Titania as one of Scirocco's handmade designs.

The entire MS was initially covered in Chobham Armor, which made it resemble The-O. However, after this armor is purged, the main Gundam-type body is revealed. The Over.on is extremely versatile in this form, and was designed to pursue high basic performance. In this form the Over.on can also equip various optional armor parts, such as the Chobham Armor and the PMX-000G Messala Glastin Mobile Armor.


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
Two vulcan guns are located in the Gundam-type head.
  • Beam Shot Rifle
The Over.on's Beam Shot Rifle is unique to the MS, and its primary ranged beam weapon. It is able to fire scattershot-like beam blasts.
  • Beam Saber
The Over.on has six Beam Sabers in total, with one stored in each arm and two in each knee.
  • Shield
A shield with built-in heat scissors and a mega particle cannon.
  • Mega Particle Cannon
A high-power beam gun built into the shield. It is usually used as a mega particle cannon, but when the Grimoire mode is activated, it exerts the same power as a high mega cannon. The estimated power rating is 50 MW.
  • Heat Scissors
A pair of Heat Scissors and folded onto the tip of the shield. It is also possible to generate a beam blade from the tip.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Hidden Arm
A simple manipulator mounted on both knees. It can use the beam sabers stored in the knees. They cannot be used while equipped with additional armor.


Personally designed by Scirocco himself, the Over.on was not produced until after Scirocco's death, in U.C. 0089. The Over.on was built by Anaheim Electronics, based on Scirocco's designs. The Over.on was eventually loaded onto an Anaheim Electronics transport ship, where it was piloted by Mashiro Oaks following an attack by Neo Zeon remnants. It is referred to as the "White Grimoire" by Neo Zeon remnants.


Notes & Trivia

  • Its name is a pun on "O Ver(sion) On" and "Oberon", the king of fairies.


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