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The AGX-04A1 Gerbera Tetra Kai ("Kai" is the Japanese Kanji character "改", In English translates into "Modified") is a variant of AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra designed by Mika Akitaka. It's first illustration appeared in Bandai Visual's Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory laser disc and later made appearance in Hobby Japan's GUNDAM WEAPONS 3 as well as Gihren's Greed video game. Katoki Hajime later re-design it as part of Gundam Fix Figuration in 9/2002.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The AGX-04A1 Gerbera Tetra Kai is a unit with less modified parts from the RX-78GP04G Gundam "Gerbera" and would be able to maintain more of the original specifications of the RX-78GP04G.


  • 110mm Machine Cannon
The Gerbera Tetra Kai is equipped with four 110mm machine cannons, two mounted on each forearm. Having the greatest rate of fire of all the Gerbera Tetra Kai's weapons these are primarily used to ward off advancing enemies, shoot down missiles, or hit other fast moving targets. They also made good use as anti-aircraft and anti-personnel weapons. The machine cannons however had a hard time piercing heavy armor (though they had shown the ability to do severe damage to mobile suits if fired at point-blank range) and thus were not often used against larger, more heavily armored foes. Still the machine cannons were useful in preserving ammunition for the Gerbera Tetra Kai's more powerful weapons such as the Beam Machine Gun.
  • Beam Saber
The name "beam saber" is somewhat of a misnomer as, unlike other weapons with the word beam, the beam saber does not use mega-particles. Instead, it emits high-energy Minovsky particles to form a blade-shaped I-field (via manipulation of electromagnetic fields), and then fills this I-field shell with superheated Minovsky particle plasma to produce an effective cutting blade. The Minovsky particles are stored by E-cap in the hilt of the beam saber, which is recharged from the mobile suit's reactor when the saber is returned to its socket. Once activated, beam sabers do not rely on the mobile suit's reactor and can be thrown or discarded as decoys.
  • Beam Machine Gun
A standard hand carried ranged beam weapon is the beam rifle. Capable of firing concentrated mega particles, attacks from a beam rifle are can damage any ordinary armor that has not be specially treated to resist it. The beam machine gun operates on similar principles, but it breaks down the concentrated mega particles so that it fired a burst of smaller less powerful beams instead of a single large coherent beam. Each individual beam in a burst was less powerful than the coherent beam from most other beam rifles, however because of the immense power in standard beams this was an issue of little importance. The burst did allow for a spread of beams, similar to a beam spray gun, allowing for a greater chance of hitting a target, yet holds the same range as a regular beam rifle. Because the beam machine gun will overheat from constant use, it was equipped with an automatic cooling mechanism.



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