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The AGP-X1/E3 Alus Earthree Gundam (アルスアースリィガンダム?) is a variant of the Alus Core Gundam that appears in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE and is piloted by Alus. It can also be piloted by the Guard Eye, and in this state, it is known as Eldora Earthree Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Alus Earthree Gundam was created independently by Alus through analyzing Hiroto's PLANETS System and is developed based on the combat data of the Earthree Gundam. It thus has the same exact structure as the Earthree Gundam and is likewise formed through the docking of the central Alus Core Gundam with the Alus Earth Armor. Its capabilities are also similar to the Earthree Gundam's, being most effective when used with a basic battle style and is capable of handling any situations. Like the Alus Core Gundam, the sensor on the Alus Earthree Gundam's head glows red when it is controlled directly by Alus. This glow is not present when the machine is operated by the Guard Eye, and in this state, it is known as Eldora Earthree Gundam.


  • Beam Blade
Like the Alus Core Gundam, the Alus Earthree Gundam can focus energy on each hand to generate a massive Beam Blade. This blade is directly powered by the Gundam's generator and its output greatly exceeds that of the Earthree Gundam's Beam Sabers.
  • Beam Rifle
An upgraded form of the Alus Core Gundam's Core Spray Gun with additional parts. The arm cover attached to the left side of the Beam Rifle can be opened and connected to the left arm to be supplied with additional energy directly from the Gundam itself. This enables high-precision sniping with powerful blasts, also known as "Burst Shooting", similar to what the Earthree Gundam is capable of. The Beam Rifle can also fire scattered beams for attacking multiple targets.


Using the sniping capabilities of its Beam Rifle, the Alus Earthree Gundam first ambushed Hiroto, Kazami, and May. When Hiroto discovered its location and close in with his Core Gundam II, a trap that Alus set beforehand activated. Unfortunately, Hiroto had anticipated it and evaded the trap. The Alus Core Gundam then confronted the Core Gundam II. After a brief battle, the Alus Core Gundam changed into the Alus Earthree Gundam. With its powerful capabilities, the Alus Earthree Gundam gained the upper hand against Core Gundam II and Mobile Doll May. However, it was forced to retreat when Cuadorn intervened.

Later, when the BUILD DiVERS was assisting with the evacuation of villagers to one of the ruins to protect them from the One-eyes, the Alus Earthree Gundam attacked again with sniper shots. The Alus Earthree Gundam eventually had its Beam Rifle destroyed by Hiroto's Uraven Gundam's Beam Shoot Rifle U7 when Hiroto figured out its location. Afterward, the Alus Earthree Gundam engaged in a fierce ground battle with Hiroto following the latter's change of the Uraven Gundam to Earthree Gundam. Using its pair of Beam Blades, the Alus Earthree Gundam sliced off part of the Earthree Gundam's Beam Rifle and knocked off a Beam Saber. However, one of the Beam Blades was soon trapped by Hiroto's Earthree Gundam at the cost of its left arm. As the Alus Earthree Gundam prepared to strike with the other Beam Blade, its head was impaled by parts of the Beam Shoot Rifle U7 that Hiroto launched from the Uranus Armor. The Alus Earthree Gundam was then defeated when most of its head was blown away by Hiroto's Earthree Gundam, now armed with the completed Beam Shoot Rifle U7.

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Notes & Trivia

  • In the episode "Perfect Sniper", it is suggested that Alus had analyzed Hiroto's previous uses of the Earthree Gundam and the other forms of the Core Gundam, including at the 2nd Coalition of Volunteers Battle, where the Earthree Gundam was armed with Uraven Gundam's Beam Shoot Rifle. U7.


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