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The AGE Device (AGEデバイス AGE Debaisu?) is an portable Memory Device in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE that allows the AGE System to activate.


The AGE Device is a memory system and used to launch the AGE System. It was given to Flit Asuno from his mother before she died from the UE attack on his colony. It is the Asuno family heirloom. Using data from it Flit uses it to build the "Gundam". Also, it can be used as a communications device. It is capable of ultra-fast calculations similar to a quantum computer [1]. Because skilled engineers cannot decipher the contents of the AGE Device, mass production of the device is impossible [1].

In the manga series of Treasure Star, Daiki has a replica of the AGE Device created by his father. It also has the same purpose as the original.



The AGE Device has been the Asuno Family heirloom for many Generations. When it was passed on to Flit he made the Gundam which he used to fight against Vagan in 115 A.G. In 140 A.G, AGE Device were passed into Asemu Asuno's hand on his 17th birthday.

However, in 151 A.G, Asemu was listed MIA after his mission, the AGE Device was found during the search. The device was passed onto his son, Kio Asuno in 164 A.G.

Known Users

Asuno Family

Treasure Star

Notes & Trivia

  • The AGE Device is similar in a way to the G-Controller from After War Gundam X in that they are required to activate the main protagonists Gundam until its handed down to the newer generation Gundams, in which the previous generation are refitted to work without them.


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