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The AGE-3L Gundam AGE-3 Laguna aka the Gundam AGE-3 Ragna is a variant of the AGE-3 Gundam AGE-3 Normal featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Cosmic Drive/Universe Accel video game and in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE ⇀EXA-LOG↽.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A space-use ranged-attack form equipped with six remote funnels mounted on each shoulder container, they can be used as multiple laser cannons. It was developed based on the experiences of field engineers including Wootbit Gunhale without using the AGE System. Its main weapon is the specialized Britannias Rifle, with increased maintainability and operation rate over the SigMaxiss Rifle. The legs are replaced with large thrusters, thus omitting walking functions.


Data of this plan was discovered among unsorted documents by curators of the Gundam Museum.

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