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The AGE-1AJ Gundam AGE-1 Assault Jacket is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE -UNKNOWN SOLDIERS-.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Gundam AGE-1 Assault Jacket is the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal equipped with the "Jacket System." The Assault Jacket is a set of add-ons proposed by Dique Gunhale some time after the "War of Bat Extermination", and produced by the military R&D department without the involvement of the AGE System. It is designed for attacking fortresses and hence consists of additional armor and weaponry to improve the defensive and offensive power of Gundam AGE-1. It also provides the suit with enhanced sensors for better firing accuracy as well as additional thrusters that have enhanced durability. The added thrusters also serve to counter the extra weight caused by the Assault Jacket. As the Assault Jacket is still in testing phase, it can also be utilized by other MS including the AGE-1 Unit two piloted by Largan Drace. The Jacket System would later lead to the development of the AGE-1G Gundam AGE-1 Glansa.


  • Double-Barreled DODS Rifle
  • Shield
  • Beam Vulcan
  • Beam Saber
  • DODS Launcher

System Features

  • Jacket System





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