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* Carbon Claw x 2
* Carbon Claw x 2
*Plasma Field
*Plasma Field
<!--* Linear Cannon x 1
* Linear Cannon x 1
* Sonic Blade x 2-->
| SpecEquip =
| SpecEquip =
| OptionalEquip =
| OptionalEquip =

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AEU-MA07007 Agrissa Type 7 (aka Agrissa), is a mobile armour used in the 5th Solar Wars, that can dock with a AEU-05/00 AEU Hellion Medium. It is equipped with a plasma field and a linear cannon.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


Plasma Field

The plasma field is not designed to destroy its target, but rather immobilize and subdue. A field of ionized gas surrounds the target and acts as a conductive medium for an intense electrical discharge. This discharge creates non-destructive interference with the target vehicle's electrical systems as well as causing great pain to any personnel within the vehicle. The Agrissa pilot can choose to destroy or permanently disable the target at this point. The electrical discharge can reach lethal levels if the Agrissa pilot so chooses.

Linear Cannon

A linear cannon was installed on the right arm of the Hellion docked to the Agrissa Type 7. This cannon is larger and more powerful than the standard Linear Rifle. Consequently the linear cannon can sucessfully engage enemies at greater than normal ranges.


The Agrissa, is a hover carrier that originally served as a transport capable of carrying and supplying either 2 flight type mobile suits or 1 hover tank MA. Since its plasma weaponry only deals damage to the pilot, it also reduces the likelihood of Mobile Suits exploding and damaging the AEU's orbital elevator, as the mission depicted in this scenario involves protecting one. It also mentions that the Type 7 is specialized in defending elevators, which implies that it is also the first model to employ plasma weaponry. During an AEU assault the Rasiel landed in front of the Agrissa, but when the machine was near, suddenly the Agrissa covered the Rasiel in a plasma shield that was expanded to trap the Rasiel Gundam. However, the Rasiel fires a particle beam that manages to destroy the Agrissa.

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