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The 8th Space War is the conflict that erupted between the New United Nations Earth (New UNE), Space Revolutionary Army (SRA), and the crew of the Freeden II in A.W. 0015 as the three factions raced to gain control of a lunar based defense structure called D.O.M.E. in order to gain access to the Satellite System.

With the aide of the GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X, piloted by Garrod Ran, the crew of the Freeden II were able to make contact with D.O.M.E. and the intelligence living within it. D.O.M.E. used its own Bit Mobile Suits in order to direct the New UNE leader and SRA leader, Fixx Bloodman and Seidel Rasso, to land their respected flagships in large docking bays along with the Freeden II in order to hold a conference. As the conference was being held, a ceasefire was issued by all sides. However, this ceasefire was broken by Shagai Frost and Olba Frost who assassinate both Fixx Bloodman and Seidel Rasso after they leave the conference in order to continue the fighting for their own purposes.

The war is brought to an end as Garrod uses his Gundam Double X to destroy D.O.M.E. and the Satellite Launcher of the Frost Brothers, along with their mobile suits.

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