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The 08th Mobile Suit Team is the eponymous team of Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. It was a mobile suit unit under the Kojima Battalion within the Earth Federation Forces. The team fought in Southeast Asia during the One Year War.


Ens. Shiro Amada
Commander and team leader; piloted Gundam Ground Type 081, later upgraded to Ez-8 Gundam.
MCPO Karen Joshua
Second-in-command; piloted Gundam Ground Type 082.
CPO Terry Sanders Jr.
Veteran pilot; piloted Gundam Ground Type 083.
PO Michel Ninorich
Support crew; navigator and gunner of the Hover Truck.
PO Eledore Massis
Support crew; sonar expert, partnered with Michel in the Hover Truck.
Kiki Rosita
A guerrilla fighter who joined the 08th MS Team on some missions.



Notes and Trivia

  • Despite being part of the Earth Federation Ground Force the 08th MST all have ranks similar to the Earth Federation Naval Force and Earth Federation Space Force.


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