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Damaged and short on supplies, the Freeden puts into port at Saints Island, and independent nation that is thriving because of a power station left undamaged by the war. After being inspected by the customs and immigration officier, Miles Goodman, the Freeden is allowed to stay at the island and the crew to get some rest. Sent out on her own to get most of the shopping done for the ship, Toniya runs across Ennil El, neither knowing who the other is. Becoming friends with the red head, she goes to her bar for a girls night out, and runs into Miles Goodman who is engaged to the woman. Recognizing her as a member of the Freeden's crew, and the encounter with her on the ship, he says so and causes Ennil to leave quickly to the sea port. Quickly purchasing a new prototype mobile armor, Ennil plans an assault on the ship as it leaves the protected waters of Saints Island...

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