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The 忍ノ参 Ninpulse Gundam (忍パルスガンダム Ninparusu Gandamu?) is a mobile suit appearing in the anime series Gundam Build Fighters: GM's Counterattack. Based on the ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam, the Gunpla is built and controlled by Nils Nielsen.[1]

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Following the samurai theme of his previous Gunpla, Nils, who like to use machine with motifs from Japanese culture, used a ninja theme for his latest Gunpla.[2] Fitting its theme, the Ninpulse Gundam has ninja-like mobility and can perform actions undetected by the enemies.[2] Using its higher than normal particle control capabilities, it can also reproduce effects of the techniques used by a ninja, such as shadow stitching (kagenui) and cloning (Bunshin).[2] Details of these moves are unknown as any enemies that saw them are destroyed.[2]

Ninpulse Gundam’s weapons are specialized for close combat, but can also be used for ranged combat when thrown.[2] One of these weapons is a large destructive shuriken formed by the wings on its back.[2] These wings can also wrap around the body for better defensive capabilities, and to achieve an optimal form for stealthy actions.[2] This form also sees the lower part of the Ninpulse Gundam’s elaborate V-fin lowering and covering the twin-eye sensors, revealing a movable mono-eye sensor built into the head.[3]


  • Gen'ei Kochoken (Phantom Butterfly Sword)
Attached to each forearm, the pair of swords rotate forward when used.[2] They are made of a clear material that reacts with Plavsky particles, and have outstanding cutting abilities.[2]
  • Beam Saber
A sword-like beam weapon that is used for close combat, the Ninpulse Gundam has four beam sabers, one stored under each large wing on the backpack.[2] Ninpulse Gundam's beam sabers can emit beam blades from both ends, and the blades can change their form freely due to the Gunpla's excellent particle control capabilities.[2] Can be mounted on the Gunpla's mouth.[2]
  • Gun
A gun is mounted in each of the four large wings on the backpack, with their muzzles located in the wings' tips.[2]
  • Power Axe
A physical melee weapon stored on the rear skirt armor, its handle unfolds when used.[2] The axe can be used for throwing and various types of attacks.[2] The end of the axe's handle can be shot out on a wire.[2]
  • Tenku Jujiken (Heaven's Cross Sword)
A giant shuriken formed from the eight wings of the backpack, it has tremendous destructive power and is the Gunpla's deadliest weapon.[2]


  • Wings
Ninpulse Gundam's backpack are made of eight multifunctional wings. These wings consisted of four large wings armed with a gun and a beam saber each, and four unarmed small wings.[2] The eight wings can wrap around the Gunpla's body for enhanced protection and stealth operations.[2] They can also be detached and combined into a large shuriken-like weapon known as 'Tenku Jujiken (Heaven's Cross Sword)'.[2]




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