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∀ Gundam (∀(ターンエー)ガンダム Tān'ē Gandamu?) is a manga adaptation of the series for teens written and illustrated by Atsushi Soga based on the TV series ∀ Gundam. The series was serialized in Magazine Z and ran from August 1999 Issue to May 2002 Issue. The publisher Kodansha released 5 volumes in Japan.


Several hundred years have passed since the fierce battles using Mobile Suits throughout the universe. After many wars, earthlings forgot how to make developments in their own civilization. Some humans moved to the moon. For a very, very long time, they dreamed about returning to earth. When Planet Earth regained its standard of living to that of the days of the Industrial Revolution, Dianna Soreil, the Queen of the Moon entered into negotiations with the head of Planet Earth so that the Moon Race could return. She also secretly dispatched a reconnaissance troop to check the environmental and living conditions on Planet Earth. Loran Cehack came to Earth as part of the troop. Almost drowned in a river, he was saved by two beautiful sisters, Kihel Heim and Sochie Heim. After the accident, he started working for a mine, owned by the father of these sisters. He soon gets used to living on Planet Earth.

Two years pass and the Moon Race who are becoming impatient with the slow negotiations takes action and forcefully tries to return to Earth. Flames engulf the streets. The "Turn 'A' Gundam" appears from the White Doll Ruins and Rolland finds himself riding it. He becomes the savior of Planet Earth. Loran's struggle to avoid war between the Moon and Planet Earth begins.


Volume 01

Turn 1 Howl at the Moon

Turn 2 Night of the Ceremony

Turn 3 White Doll

Turn 4 Diana's Descent

Turn 5 Their Expectations

Volume 02

Turn 6 and came Disaster

Turn 7 Corin cried out, Gundam

Turn 8 Visit to a Grave

Turn 9 Speculation

Turn 10 The Destruction of Nocis

Turn 11 A distant high Homeland

Volume 03

Turn 12

Turn 13

Turn 14

Turn 15

Turn 16

Turn 17

Volume 04

Turn 18

Turn 19

Turn 20

Turn 21

Turn 22

Turn 24

Turn 23

Volume 05

Turn 24

Turn 25

Turn 26

Turn 27

Turn 28

Turn 29

Turn 30


Earth Militia

Moonrace / Dianna Counter / Ghingham Fleet



Earth Militia

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


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