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The Α 000-0001 Gaia Gear α is a high-performance variable "Man-Machine" mecha from the novel Gaia Gear. Developed in UC 203 by the EFF, The Metatron Institution captures the α000-0001 Gaia Gear Alpha and uses it to rescue the clone of the legendary Char Aznable, Afranshia Char, out of Man-Hunter Agency (MaHA) custody, with Afranshia Char becoming pilot of the machine.

A prototype transformable Man Machine, Gaia Gear Alpha(GGA) is an extremely high-end unit made at the pinnacle of UC technology. GGA is powered by four Minovsky Reactors. Each reactor is even further miniaturized than those seen in Forumla Project Mobile Suits, but uses a new form of Minovsky Fusion known as "ø(psi)-based fusion-cycle". This new type of Minovsky fusion increases the reactor's output threefold, allowing a smaller reactor(or in GGA's case, 4 of them) to create better power than a single large reactor.

GGA is designed to be the Ultimate Man Machine, as such it carries an enormous variety of weapons and technologies. It's Fire Control System is capable of near infinite scaling and data control, meaning GGA can engage nearly any number of enemy targets with as many weapons as it physically can carry.

Lastly, GGA is equipped with a Psycommu System, mountable Funnel Launcher pods, and an improved shock-absorbing system that utilizes Minovsky Craft System technology.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

  • Needle Missile Pod - Much like the Orchis’ missile pods, the Gaia Gear Alpha carries modified needle missiles, specifically designed to pierce the Gids Geese’s armor. They didn’t work as well as the creators hoped, however. The tips are heated so that they cut through armor fairly easily, then detonate.
  • I-Field barrier - Unlike the XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X-3 or Superior Gundam, the Gaia Gear Alpha has a full body I-Field that protects it from beam attacks, which explains the unit's high output.
  • E.C.M pod - Jams all enemy radio transmissions, and wreaks havoc on missile targeting systems. The only problem is, it has to be deployed a distance away from the actual battle and set up beforehand. Thus, if the enemy spots it and takes it out, the effects stop.
  • Hyper mega launcher - A very powerful beam launcher with destructive capabilities similar to that of the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki's Mega Beam Launcher.
  • Hand beam gun - Similar to the SUMO's. Useful in desperate situations, as they're concealed under the arms.
  • Long cruise motorboard - Allows for increased maneuverability and flight in Earth's atmosphere.
  • Sand Barrel - The Sand Barrel is an anti-missile/funnel weapon, which spews metal objects into the path of said weapon. It's capable of destroying incoming missiles, and hindering funnel movement, in some cases, damaging the funnels themselves.


  • Gaia Gear Alpha Test Unit: An early test model of GGA, the Test Unit is painted in Gundam Colors, and was designed with a more Gundam-like head with the intention of equipping a High Mega Cannon in the forehead, much like ZZ Gundam. Otherwise it would be equipped similiarly to GGA.
  • Gaia Gear Alpha Raiden: GGA Raiden is an MSV of GGA that incorporates the latest in stealth technology. From sensor-invisible materials and tech to a low-visibility paintjob.


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