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Once again, I'm here asking others just to know your opinion about some kits. So recently I received 50€ for my birthday, so I want to spend them on gunpla. Unfortunately, the big store I usually go to is closed for a while, so either I'll have to wait, or I can to my local gamestop that has some nice kits (like the MG ZZ which I'd love to have but 88€ it's a bit too much) but mostly of them are usually HG. So I was probably going this Monday to see if they have something nice that isn't really expensive to build while I wait this summer for my MG Shining Gundam. Last time I checked they had a few RGs, both Unicorn and Wing Zero Custom, and some nice HGs, like the hyaku shiki revive. Up until now I only buily one HG, one RE 100 and one MG, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to handle an RG yet. I've seen many people starting with RGs and not having any problem whatsoever, but knowing myself I already see me in the near future broking the joints, wasting 50€ on a then useless kit. So I was wondering, do you suggest me to try other kits or go directly for the RG bombs (I would probably buy wing zero, unicorn seems too much difficult for me - ~ -)?
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With the coming of Hathaway's Flash it occurred to me how cool it be if Bandai tapped into the surplus of novels at their disposal. It made me wonder if they would ever consider giving Gaia Gear a go. I always found Gaia Gear's story and mechanics intriguing. In particular the notion of a version of Char in a bleeding edge Gundam. Very cool idea. Also I always forget though not comfirmed by Tomino we kind of got this already in Uso Ewin being Char's Grandson? Great grandson? I just hope they delve into the huge supply of untouched territory storywise. Its exciting!
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Smaller fusion reactor

Fox News
Fox News www.facebook.com
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Work space + barbatos update

For the few of you who care about these things this is my work space

Also barbatos update: I've had to put it on pause because I've run out of leds and needs some other tools so once they come in I'll be back on it
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Late to the party

I recently watched a large chunk of Iron Blooded Orphans finally. More than anything I appreciated the characterizations . It amazes me that all these years later Gundam is still great, its good to know it wasn't nostalgia you know? Good characters. It made me want to catch up on more gundam. I've watched alot but not all. My question to the community is what series is your favorite and why? I honestly cant pick just one I love so many.
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Favorite Gundam...

I want to know guys.. What Gundam do you like.. me? Unicorn Family
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My new work space

A little bit of an upgrade to the work space I was working on the little brown table with my spraybooth on it while sitting on the floor with a cardboard box holding my tools and my paints. If I was to say building anything was a nightmare I would be understating it, I finally had enough after I couldn't stand up on monday night cause my legs fell asleep during a building sesh lol. Bought this desk and set of shelves this morning can't wait to see what building in my new setup does to help me improve in my building and painting. 😁 this got me to wondering where do you guys do your model building?
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better rg oo qant or rg oo raiser?
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Rita Bernal...

what do you think about Rita Bernal.. I think she really died.. but too bad 😭
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gundam battle operation 2

does anyone plays this?


(Ps4 Only)

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What's to come

What you guys think about all the next gundam coming this year. The 23 min stream of narrative was great . and Hathaway flash What you think about that ? And what I want to know is there a collaboration if series those posters showed herro and 00 raisers pilot meeting
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We need this now.

Bandai needs to make us a kit of the GNW-004 Gundam Throne Vier. Immediately. Anyone agree?

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have you guys watch it? its good for me, 8/10
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